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Dr. Michelle Perro in conversation with with Vaccine Choice Canada, discussing a potpourri of topics related to our children’s health and well-being, May 2024.

What’s Making Our Children Sick?

Dr. Michelle Perro, pediatrician, executive director of GMO Science and author, is today’s guest on ‘Against the Wind.’ She provides key highlights from her book, ‘What’s Making Our Children Sick?’ and shares her perspective on environmental medicine and other hot topics — monkeypox, GMO issues and more.

Glaring Ommissions – Conversation about lack of action by government on toxicity of US school lunches.

In conversation with Laurie Gagan, Founder of Stop Spraying Glyphosate, and the global toxic effects of glyphosate.

Marin County, CA TV broadcast with integrative physician, Dr. John Travers, regarding reimagining  the present healthcare narrative.

Heartland Stories directorTheresa Marquez, in conversation regarding children’s health and food in America’s  heartland.

A discussion of What’s Making our Children Sick?  in Spanish for a Marin County, CA Public Library sponsored event.

A clinical powerpoint lecture on German Biological Medicine (or Bioregulatory Medicine) geared towards health practitioners.

US Senate briefing on toxicity in school lunches Oct. 2023

Jeffrey Smith, author, producer, and educator speaking about the work of Dr. Michelle Perro and GMOs/pesticides.

Len Saputo, from Autism Parenting Secrets, discussing approaches to autism with a focus on nutrition.

Zen Honeycutt, ED of Moms Across America, discussing why America is so sick.

Integrative physician, Dr. Shanhong Lu, and Rachel Parent, founder of Kids Right to Know discussing why America is so sick.

A local Marin County, CA presentation on What’s Making our Puppies Sick?

A brief overview on arsenic and other heavy metals in baby food.

Podcaster, Chris Jeffries, discussing the toxicity of glyphosate on our children’s health.

Children’s Health Defense podcaster, Polly Tommey, discussing What’s Making our Children Sick?

Regener8 podcast from Australia focusing on women’s health and regeneration.

A powerpoint presentation by Dr. Michael Antoniou, Director of the Dept. of Genetics, King’s College, London, on GE basics.

A brief overview on the GE Impossible Burger.

A local Marin County, CA presentation on how to detoxify from glyphosate.