Theresa Marquez, host of Heartland Stories, is in conversation with Dr. Michelle Perro, Executive Director of GMOScience, co-author of “What is Making our Children Sick” and a veteran pediatrician with over thirty-nine years of experience in acute and integrative medicine. This podcast will address:

  • the gut health/microbiome
  • the links between COVID-19, the gut microbiota and glyphosate
  • what parents can do to keep their children’s microbiome healthy
  • the GMO science website (

“You are what you eat”, “Food is medicine”, “The soil health and your gut health are linked together”, are just a few of Dr. Perro’s quotes from this interview. She advises struggling parents with sick kids to eat chemical-free organic regenerative food, while also paying attention to the nutrient content of the food and making sure to add probiotic food early on.

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V-Symposium Recordings:

GMOScience is offering these 2 days of recordings from April 2023 free of charge, featuring five of the top doctors, scientist, and attorney who are on the front lines, working with people experiencing adverse effects and injury from vaccine exposure and Long Covid. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount to support our work.

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A raw nerve was touched.  Perhaps, it is the 1.4-billion-dollar infant formula industry that doesn’t want its products exposed for heavy metals?  Speculation, of course.   This is the first foray by our nonprofit into the research arena.  Possibly, we may have stepped on some toes.

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